Stunning Flaws is a Minneapolis-based cover band comprised of 6 high-energy, fun, quirky and soulful musicians. The band began as a two-piece and while drums and keyboard are fun together, there was something missing --- a band. Shortly thereafter, the two Flaws sought out the missing Flaws to add to its growing musical racket.

Within a month of the initial search, the Flaws added infectious bass grooves and a masterful female lead vocalist. Although it seems that guitar players grow on trees (no offense), the Flaws looked past the low lying fruit, reaching for the sweetness on the other side...and that's where we found the missing guitar player.  

We know better than to publicize our ages, but let's just say our age range is between 22 and 45. Each member brings vital musical knowledge and experience to the mix that allows the Flaws to jump the musical genres and time periods of rock, rap, country, modern hits, early 80s electro pop, late 80s hair bands, early 90s hip hop and grunge, late 90s boy-bands and Britney, early 2000s Nickelback (just kidding, there's no Nickelback...let the radio fulfill those needs), reggae, ska, electronic...there isn't a genre we won't play. 

Stunning_Flaws.pngWe embrace our Stunning Flaws and love to play all types of music with one goal in mind - to connect with our audience. 


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